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Freitag, 10. Mar 2017|10:53UhrAutor: Kabal
Mittwoch, 27. Jan 2016|22:43UhrAutor: Kabal
Mittwoch, 27. Jan 2016|22:42UhrAutor: Kabal
Mittwoch, 27. Jan 2016|22:42UhrAutor: Kabal
Mittwoch, 27. Jan 2016|22:42UhrAutor: Kabal
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Freitag 10. 03. 2017

Seit dem 6.3.2017 haben wir ein neues CS:GO Team, das auch endlich wieder aktiv spielt. Zu dem neuen Team gibt es auch gleich einen neuen Sponsor die uns mit neuen top Gameservern versorgen.

Ich heiße hiermit die neuen Partner an unserer Seite herzlich willkommen!
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Mittwoch 27. 01. 2016

Kaum ist der letzte reguläre Tag der LCS vorbei und die Teams bereiten sich auf die Play-Offs vor, schon gibt es die ersten Daten und Fakten zu den anstehenden Events. Insgesammt 100.000$ Preisgeld und 3 Tage voller Spannung warten auf euch.

It’s fitting that the first spring split of Season 3 ended Super Week style, with each LCS competitor playing five matches. While a few rankings had already been set in stone, some underdog teams apparently felt determined to make their potentially final LCS games count. In North America, powerhouse Curse lost an astonishing four matches against Good Game University, Vulcun, Dignitas and compLexity, while TSM Snapdragon took advantage of the upsets to leapfrog into first place.

Over in Europe, the Copenhagen Wolves went on a tear, ending a 4-1 week with a strong victory over LCS favorites Gambit BenQ. EG Raidcall also ended the split with two wins over Gambit and SK Gaming, bouncing back after a noted slump. Both these teams look strong going into the Spring Playoffs, and with possible relegation on the line for EG, expect their best play yet.

The Playoffs Begin

The playoffs for both regions will begin on Friday, April 26, as the top six teams from each region duke it out for $100,000 in prizes. The winning team from each region will take home the grand prize of $50,000, with second, third and fourth winning $25,000, $15,000 and $10,000 respectively. The top two seeded teams (TSM Snapdragon and Curse in NA, Fnatic and Gambit BenQ in EU) will be facing the victors of their region’s quarter-final round, where seed three will face seed six, and seed four will face seed five.

In North America, this means Team Dignitas faces Good Game University for the potential to go up against Curse, while Counter Logic Gaming and Vulcun square off to see who advances to face TSM Snapdragon. Currently, the split record goes to the higher ranking teams in both cases, as DIG and CLG went 3-1 during the LCS against their respective opponents.

Both GGU and Vulcun’s rosters have undergone changes since the beginning of the season, however, imbuing an element of unpredictability to the coming games. Adding in the fact that these matches will be best-of-three, instead of single games, makes momentum particularly important.

For Europe, third-place SK Gaming will find themselves against the aAa underdogs, while EG RaidCall looks to put a stop to the resurgent Copenhagen Wolves. These matchups look extremely tough, but once a team vanquishes their rivals they’ll have a bigger challenge waiting in the wings: the winner of SK vs. aAa will take on Gambit BenQ, while Fnatic dares the winner of EG vs. CW to test their mettle against the current leaders of the European LCS.

But defeat means more than just losing the chance for cash prizes and bragging rights. While placing in the top four positions of the Playoffs ensures a position in the Summer split, elimination in the opening round will result in automatic placement alongside the 7th and 8th seed teams in the Summer Promotion Tournament just two weeks away. There, four LCS teams will have to battle to keep their spot in the next LCS split, or face immediate disqualification.

Three Days of Action

European Playoff games will begin at 15:00 CEST (6:00am PDT) this Friday and 13:00 CEST (4:00am PDT) this Saturday. Sunday kicks off again at 13:00 CEST (4:00am PDT) with the third/fourth place matchup, followed by the best-of-five championship match.

For North America, the competition begins on Friday with the quarterfinals at 3:00pm PDT (24:00 CEST) and on Saturday at 1:00pm PDT (22:00 CEST). On Sunday, the third/fourth place game begins at 1:00pm PDT (22:00 CEST) with the best-of-five grand finale at 4:00pm PDT (1:00 CEST).

So tune in this Friday as the best teams of the NA and EU battle in the first ever LCS Playoffs, and let us know who you think will rise to the top on our Twitter @LoLeSports.
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Mittwoch 27. 01. 2016

Wir berichteten bereits von dem Rosterwechsel bei Team Alternate und nun gibt es auch eine Veränderung beim Team Curse.

Aufgrund von internen Problemen übernimmt Rhux die Position von Elementz und Elementz ist ab sofort Ersatzspieler für Curse. Die Statements dazu, lest ihr hier:

I’ve decided to become a free agent due to internal issues on the team, but I will remain on Team Curse as a reserve player to help the team finish out the season any way I can. Curse fans I couldn’t thank you enough for all your support and helping me get to this point in my life.

I would also like to thank the Curse organization and my teammates for making it this far together. It’s unfortunate that this had to happen but life has a way of working things out and Steve and I have agreed that this is best decision for the team and myself. I am looking forward to the things to come and wish everyone I’ve met along the way the best of luck in the future.

Welche Meinung der Manager Liquid112 vertritt, erfahrt ihr hier:

“Elementz has been an incredible asset to Team Curse since he joined, and has been instrumental in the success we’ve seen to-date. I founded the team three years ago with one underlying philosophy – that I would always do what was in the best interests of the team to succeed and perform at the best of their ability.

Cody and I have come to a mutual agreement that what is best for the team moving forward is for Elementz to become available to be picked up by other teams and for Curse to use Rhux for support in Playoffs. The Summer split trade start date begins on May 13th, 2013 and ends on August 10th, 2013 – during this time Cody will be available to sign with any LCS team or choose to continue as a reserve player for Curse, the decision will be up to him”
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Mittwoch 27. 01. 2016

Das Team Good Game University hat wegen Regelverstoß in der LCS eine Strafe erhalten. Lest weiter für die Details.

GGU wurde bereits mehrfach wegen Regelverstoß in LCS Spielen verwarnt und hat jetzt eine Strafe auferlegt bekommen. Genauer gesagt geht es um die Regel 9.3.5, die besagt, dass es den Teams in Spielunterbrechungen nicht gestattet ist, über taktische Maßnahmen zu diskutieren.

Leider hatten sie auch die letzte Warnung letzte Woche ignoriert und haben dann im Spiel gegen Vulcun in der Pause (0.44 Spielzeit) wieder geredet und werden jetzt dafür sanktioniert.

Die Strafe ist, dass sie im nächsten Spiel anstatt 3 Bans nur noch 2 Bans zur Verfügung haben. Sollten Sie auch diesmal wieder die Regeln missachten, wird die Strafe beim nächsten Mal noch höher ausfallen.

Die offiziellen Regeln könnt ihr übrigens hier (PDF) nachlesen.
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Mittwoch 27. 01. 2016

Curse hat gegen Vulcun verloren, was einigen Fans und Beschwörern etwas seltsam vorkam. Daher hat Riot's eSports Manager Nick Allen jetzt in den Foren ein offizielles Statement zum Spiel Vulcun vs. Curse veröffentlich. Lest weiter für die Details.

Hier der Forenpost von Riot Nick Allen:


It has been brought to our attention that there have been allegations of play that violates the LCS rules surrounding competitive integrity. The rule in question is Section

Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as….deliberately failing to play at one’s best in a game, in any manner inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, or fair play.

In the judgment of the LCS, this rule was not violated during the final day of the regular season. Given the evolution of the “meta” within League of Legends, and the constant balancing changes made to champions, the LCS cannot deem an intentionally chosen lineup “unviable” before a team takes the field, which means that competitive integrity cannot be sacrificed based on picks and bans alone.

Decisions must then center on whether teams can be judged to have been competing fully in the match. LCS officials are present in each team’s competition room for every match, and are listening to each team’s audio at all times. If an official determined that a team referenced a strategy designed around losing, suggested unnecessarily and inexplicably conservative play, or performed any action that was deemed “uncompetitive,” the game would not be allowed to continue. After conferring with multiple LCS officials, including all on-site referees, no violations of competitive integrity were deemed to have occurred, and no rulings need to be made.

We encourage all Summoners to tune into the LCS Spring Split Playoffs, starting next Friday at 3pm PST."

Grob übersetzt sagt er, dass Betrugsvorwürfe zu Riot's Aufmerksamkeit gebracht wurden. Regelabschnitt besagt, dass geheime bzw. betrügerische Absprache Handlungen beinhaltet, aber nicht beschänkt ist auf, ... absichtlich nicht auf seinem besten Niveau zu spielen, in jeglicher Art wiedersprüchlich zu guter Sportlichkeit, Ehrlichkeit und Fairplay zu handeln.

In jedem Spiel sind LCS Schiedsrichter zugegen, die auch die Unterhaltungen der Teams überwachen, um die Befolgung der Regeln zu versichern. Falls einer dieser Schiedsrichter in einem Spiel den Eindruck bekommt, dass die Strategie eines Teams darauf ausgelegt ist, das Spiel zu verlieren, oder das Team sich unerklärlich zurückhaltend verhält, wird das Spiel gestoppt. Nach Rücksprache mit einigen LCS Funktionären und allen im Spiel aktiven Schiedsrichtern, wurden keine regelverletzenden Handlungen ersichtlich, daher wurden auch keine Strafmaßnahmen eingeleitet.
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